Saturday, May 19, 2012

The New House

On April 24, 2012 our offer on 4 acres, a stream, and a small 4 bedroom house was accepted.  The settlement date is August 15, 2012.  There's lots of work ahead: moving the goats, chickens and turkeys; fencing 3 pasture areas; learning to take care of the small fruits and fruit trees; hopefully getting in a fall vegetable garden; setting up the work shop for all the work we want to do inside the house; oh yeah, and getting our current house ready for sale in the fall. We have tons of plans for both the inside and outside.
Here are some photos of the new place.  Of course there are no good pictures of all the beautiful landscaping.
I've always wanted an outhouse!

The tiny master bedroom will become a den

Oh so many things to do with the kitchen!

Well, this bathroom will get completely blown out.

The view from part way up the high pasture

You can't see the third bay of the garage in this picture. These 2 bays will become the workshop.

Love the sunroom!

The little stream

Not going to change this patio one bit, its perfect!

This family room will become the master bedroom/bathroom.

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