Sunday, March 17, 2013

Our first turkey egg!

While we were outside in the snow yesterday moving the greenhouse, pruning the cherry tree and moving turkey run fence, one of the turkeys was hanging out in the doghouse I put in their pen as a nest box.  She was making weird noises and sounded like she was sliding all around on her feet.  The straw I had put in the box last week was now outside of the box so I put more straw and some small branches in the box.  She stayed in there a while while we worked pounding fence posts.  Eventually we realized that all three hens were in the pen, and this is what I found when I looked inside the box:

We were wondering when the hens would start laying eggs, since the turkey sex has been pretty frequent.We'll have to wait to see if the hens are capable of hatching out some poults and raising them up.  But, egg laying is the first step.

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