Sunday, May 25, 2014

Garage work

With the barn underway, we need to build the doors. We bought the hinges a while ago and are just making simple plank doors, like all good Pennsylvania German barns. That means its time to get back to work on the wood shop.
Alan spent part of today stripping the siding off the back wall of the garage. Currently the entire house is sided in off-white aluminum siding.  I must ask Jerry what color this house was when she was growing up.  We haven't settled on a color for the main house yet, but I would like make the garage cedar stained dark brown.
First step was stripping off the aluminum siding.
Underneath the aluminum was cedar siding painted white.
And underneath that was vertical planking in a creamy yellowish color.
One of my inspiration pictures has a similar color exterior. Maybe that's our answer.

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