Sunday, August 3, 2014

The New Chicken Waterer

Always on the search for a better chicken waterer, I am now trying the Plasson Bell waterer. I got mine from Cornerstone Farm Ventures.
The hose goes to a five gallon bucket on the tongue of the chicken tractor trailer. When the chickens drink from the trough and the water level goes down a spring loaded mechanism senses the change in weight and the white elbow at the top of the red bell, there's another elbow on the opposite side, sends water down into the trough. The water is replenished in the bucket and it is so much easier to keep their water clean.
The chickens took to it right away and had no trouble making the changeover in waterers. I only had one small problem getting started. The waterer must hang to stay level and the trailer tongue is just barely tall enough, and then the trailer tire went flat and threw off the level and all the water ran out. Once the tongue was lifted a little more the problem was fixed and should be permanently fixed as soon as the tire is fixed.
This system won't work in freezing weather as the water in the tubing will freeze, but it is a real time saver for spring, summer and fall.

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