Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Lambs' Big Day

Today was the first day the lambs went outside here.  The smaller lamb was not doing well; having trouble walking, wasn't gaining weight or eating as well as his brother, and generally not looking so good.  Trying to find a vet for sheep has proven difficult, so I gave him a five day course of antibiotics and the tincture of time and he seems to have, hopefully, turned the corner. He has a long way to go to catch up to his brother though!
He's the one in the blue jacket. I am hoping I will be comfortable enough to take the jacket off soon. It may not be apparent in the photo, but he is about 75% the size of his brother.
The other sheep didn't seem to mind the little guys, even though the lambs tried nursing on everyone. But I think the other sheep were relieved when the mother sheep and her lambs went back in the barn.
That's our very pregnant ewe in the foreground above. Her udder hasn't bagged up yet so it will be a bit yet. Maybe Christmas babies?

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