Sunday, January 10, 2016

Adding Planks to a Paneled Door

The little side door to the garage had a great little window but was old, out of square, and a little too small. The old doors with planks on one side and a paneled door on the other side are a cool design and would shore up the old door. We also needed to change the swing of the door. You can just make out the doorknob on the right hand side of the door. The door swung out into the bush. We wanted the door to swing in like a proper door.
When Alan squared up the door jamb he needed to add a bit to the door so it would fit. He also made it mostly square again.
Then he added the planks to the door. The panels were slightly recessed from the door frame so he had to pack those out.
The planks are joined with a ship-lap joint and each plank gets planed for a little V-groove.
Then the planks are glued and clamped to the panel door.
The planks around the window get trimmed out and a little sill was added.
Plotting out the nail pattern took a while. I wanted a diamond pattern, but couldn't have a nail too close to the edge of the door, in a seam, or in a knot. The pattern also needed to work out so that a single row could go across the boards above the window. A 4x7 diamond pattern worked out just right.
Then the pattern was scribed into the wood with a nail.
Each point where two lines intersect had a hole drilled,
and then a nail hammered in.
Unfortunately, the old wood of the paneled door did not take kindly to having a cut nail hammered in.
We had planned on using longer nails and clinching them over on the paneled side of the door but at the last minute Alan decided to not clinch the nails and bought shorter nails. We don't know if the longer nails would have made a difference, but drilling a deeper hole did make a difference. A little putty and paint and you won't be able to tell there was a problem.
The door is now hung and weather-stripped. The latch wasn't supposed to arrive until the 13th but showed up on our door step on the 9th.
All we need now is the dead bolt installed and a coat of paint I am hoping that the scribe marks will just barely be visible once the door is painted. Really, we will use a solid stain.


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