Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Tomorrow is three days before the first ewe's due date of February 27th. Everything I have read says ewes will lamb anywhere between three days before and three days after their due date. This is the first time I actually know when the sheep were bred so I don't know if the same date spread works for Royal Whites. Mama Sadie is the first due and she is huge.
She is already the largest ewe we own and she is even as large as our largest ram, Mercer.

Moose is due on the 28th and is quite large herself.
She is a much more compact ewe than Mama Sadie. All the sheep due in the next week do a lot of sitting around looking uncomfortable and groaning. Yesterday afternoon when I went to check on them everyone had no desire to get up. And if you saw how hard it was to get up you could see why they won't get up as often.

Everything is ready and waiting. Last Friday I cleaned out half the stalls and on Saturday, with Alan's help, we got the other half of the stalls cleaned out and the outdoor paddock area. The lambing jugs are ready, extension cords and warming lights in place, extra feeders and buckets for water clean and ready to go. We spent Sunday morning doing fence maintenance. The nearly two and a half feet of snow we had broke a bunch of insulators and the fences through the woods needed a bit of tending to. Everything is back up to 8000 volts and ready for grazing. Next up is pasture maintenance and seeding. But first, who's going to lamb first????

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