Monday, May 23, 2016

Finally, Skirting the Fleeces

I have vacation this week and next and a long list of things to get done. Number one on the list is getting the fleeces skirted and taken to the mill. The fleeces were skirted yesterday and today and we have an appointment for Wednesday at the mill. I am really looking forward to the consultation part of the fiber drop off.
My make-do skirting table worked fine. Alan has two 36 inch high saw horses and I placed a 4X7 sheep and goat panel on top then a hog panel on top of the sheep panel. The sheep panel has 4x4 openings so the hog panel just made the openings a bit smaller. Other then sagging a little in the middle this set up got the job done.
Above is Hazel's fleece. After skirting her fleece weighed 5 pounds. Now here is Mercer's fleece below:
His fleece covered every bit of my skirting table and I could have used a little more room. After skirting his fleece weighed 11 pounds! Mercer's fleece has the tightest crimp but Elwood has the prettiest color. Just look at those locks:
All this sheep wool feeling had me wanting to watch the sheep shearing episode of Tales From the Green Valley. After shearing they mention cleaning the odd bits and using them to stuff pillows. Alan is making a new bed for our reenacting camp, to be more 17th century, and I am making linen sheets. So now we will have real wool-stuffed pillows! The bits I skirted off are now soaking. I'll wash them and pick out as much of the vegetable matter as I can then stuff them into a thick linen cover.

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