Wednesday, July 25, 2012

20 days and counting

Whirlwind here of packing, purging, yard sales, donating, etc.  We were fortunate to spend 4 hours last Saturday evening with the current owners of our new house.  They wanted to get together to talk about gardens and house information, give us the book with all the info on the maintenance and gardens, and ask us about a few things they thought we might like them to leave behind.  Yes, of course I want the frame for the cage that covers the blueberries and keeps the birds away!  They are the nicest people and have taken such great care of the property for the last 27 years.  I only hope we can do the same.

Our youngest was happy she finally got to see inside the house and was able to walk the grounds.  She loves the little bridge over the stream.  I was hoping there was an area where I would be able to plant milkweed for a butterfly habitat; but I don't need to.  The upper end of the stream has a nice stand of milkweed and other plants for butterflies!  The soil in the current veggie garden is beautiful black loam.  But I need to remove/move some raspberry bushes.  I already have a barter arrangement to get some elderberries for some fall gold raspberries.

We met the neighbors across the street also.  The wife was born in our new house before it was moved to its current location in 1939.  She confirmed that the front room with the corner cupboard was the original cabin that was moved from down the road.  She was 8 years old when it was moved so I am hoping she knows where it stood before the move.  The neighbors built their house across the street from her parents.  And when her parents died the house was sold to the current owners.  We will only be the third owners since 1939.

The paperwork is progressing as well.  Insurances have been confirmed, appointments made, and forms getting faxed and emailed.  So much paperwork to buy a house.  Things sure have changed in 29 years!

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