Monday, July 9, 2012

36 days and counting

We've been waiting and waiting for word on the appraisal.  With home prices falling the way they have been we were worried that the appraisal would come in lower than the sale price.  But, thankfully, the appraisal came in $1000 higher than the sales price.

I think the bank has every piece of information on us, the new house, our old house, our jobs, our bank accounts, our homeowner's insurance, etc.  I'm not sure there is anything left they don't know, well maybe the size of my underwear.

And the packing continues.  The yard sale pile keeps growing.  And the old house is starting to look emptier.  I pulled my peas in the garden and I think I will just plant a cover crop.  It's starting to feel like this may really happen!

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