Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Day Hike

We've been meaning to hike to the top of the big hill to our north since we moved in.  Today was the day.  The picture above doesn't really show the scale of the hill very well.  This photo taken about halfway up shows the steep pitch.
We climbed in elevation fairly quickly.
We hadn't seen the new place from this angle yet.
We skirted along the north east slope to avoid a large tangle of brush and had to climb over quite a few trees that fell over in Hurricane Sandy and before.
This big Cherry tree above fell perfectly up hill.
Nothing much special at the top. But the view was pretty.
The walk back was a little easier.  We basically hiked a circle around the top of the hill and came in the back of our property.  Only saw one hunter, but tons of different animal tracks.

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