Saturday, April 27, 2013

Spring in the veggie garden

I've been able to get a little gardening time in while working hard to get the old house ready to list for sale.  The fence posts are in and ready for the fencing.  Amazingly, we got all the posts in on the first try.  At our old house we would have put in one post for every 4 posts we got in at the new house.  At the new house we stretched a string and put all the posts in a perfect line. That never would have happened at the old house.
The mini hoop house at the near right in the above picture is home to Siberian early tomatoes.  They have been outside for about three weeks and are doing quite well.
The large hoop house is home to the paste tomatoes and tomatillos.
I have been a raspberry pusher and have gotten rid of many of the raspberries in the garden.  A few people have made the mistake of saying "I'll take as many as you want to get rid of" and then had to say "that's probably enough."  I have filled Prius's, Excursions, and minivans with raspberries.  Still lots to go though.  And the red raspberries will be staying in the garden until fall.  Just not enough time to move them this spring.  Now I have to adjust the garden plan. 
And here is a gratuitous picture of some pretty little tulips that are just about to bloom right outside the vegetable garden.

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