Monday, January 6, 2014


According to Accuweather tomorrow, January 7, will the coldest day since Feb 5, 1996.  We have been spoiled in recent years with mild winters.  The worst part of this cold day is the high today of 54 degrees at 6AM.  Tomorrow morning's low will be 1 degree, with a high of 9 degrees.  I can't remember the last time we dropped more than 50 degrees in 24 hours in the winter.

The goats and chickens have new straw to help keep them cozy, but the stupid turkey won't go in the chicken coop and when you try to catch her she flies out of the pen and into the woods.  We'll see if we have a "turkey-sicle" in the morning.

There is a bit of snow cover so hopefully the perennials will survive.

Now to keep the house warm.  We are trying to run out of oil so we can get rid of the old oil furnace and oil tank.  Fingers crossed we will have enough oil to get through this cold spell.  When I am not working I keep the wood stove going which keeps things toasty, but I work 16 hours tomorrow and my daughter doesn't do well with the wood stove.  There is an auxiliary electric heater and lots of blankets.  But what will the cats do without the wood stove!

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