Monday, January 20, 2014

Leaded glass windows

I am in love with leaded glass windows of the 17th century and would like to have a pair above my sink in the new kitchen.  The problem has been how to get energy efficiency with leaded glass windows.  I think I have figured out how to go about this and A-not break the bank and B-get the look I am after. I am getting it down here so I don't forget by the time we are working on the kitchen.

I first did a Google search for "double pane leaded glass windows" and came across a company that makes leaded glass panels for insertion into Anderson windows.  They send along a special wood trim kit that attaches the panel to the Anderson window, allowing you to remove the panel if you move and keep the energy efficiency of a new window.

This revelation got me to thinking about making my own leaded glass panel (I did a bit of stained glass window work many years ago so am not afraid of lead came and soldering.) We could certainly make our own trim pieces to attach the panel to the window.

But then I came across this product. self-adhesive lead strips  Cool, the look of lead without the soldering.  But the glass has to look right as well.  Just placing the lead strips on regular glass won't get me the look I am after.  But if I place the lead strips on this restoration glass: Bendheim restoration glass I will have old looking glass with the look of lead panes for considerable less $.  Hmmmm.

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