Sunday, March 30, 2014

House Work

Working on the house is a big puzzle.  So many behind the scenes jobs need to be completed before we can start the fun things, like a new kitchen.  So, before we could make any changes to the lay out upstairs, put in the second bathroom, a new master bedroom and so on; we had to do things like jack up the house to make things level and take out the springiness and big dips in the floors. But before we could jack up the house we needed to get rid of the hot water pipes for the oil heat.  Before we could get rid of the pipes we had to run out of oil.  And so on and so on. 

Well, Alan finally started lifting up the house.
I came home from work one night last week and he asked me if I noticed anything then proceeded to tell me he jacked the house up half an inch.  Gee, and I didn't even notice until he said something!
A lot of the doors are now not latching or have started rubbing, since they were put in when the house was sagging. But our bedroom floor is no longer springy.  Before, if I was in bed and Alan walked around the bedroom the bed would shake.

One of the old supports in the basement was on old porch column.  With the extra lighting downstairs we noticed some writing on the post.
It says "The Rahn Residence 7 Acres." Mr And Mrs Rahn moved the cabin to the current property and added the majority of the additions.  Not sure why they had their name and acreage written on this post. But its a nice note from the past.

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