Monday, March 31, 2014

Late March Gardening

Spring is nearly here.  Seedlings are starting to come up in the greenhouse.  Kale, pac choi, mustard and spinach have all begun germinating and are just starting to peak out of the soil.
The garlic is doing very well.
Inside, under the lights, the onion seedlings are tall enough to get their first hair cut yesterday.  Ground cherries, tomatillos, 4 o'clocks, and holly hocks seeds were planted yesterday.  Most of the bulbs outside have begun to grow.  The chives, comfrey and rhubarb have started to come up.  And today I planted two varieties of Sweet Peas. I love Sweet Peas but never seemed to get them in the ground early enough. They would begin blooming about the time it really started to get warm and the flowers would wilt in the heat. Hopefully this year I will get loads of blossoms before the real warm weather starts.
Other signs of spring are evident at our local Mennonite hardware store, Weavers.  This is the first year I have ever seen them selling chicks.  And they have quite a large selection of seed potatoes and onions.  I really can't wait to get digging in the soil again.

There is so much clean up outside yet to do.  The cinders from the road crews need to be raked back into the road.  Last year they came around and swept up the cinders on the road, but not the ones on the grass next to the road.  I wanted to have the cinders in the road when they came around, but I just missed them today. I guess I will just have to shovel them up myself.  There is major pruning needed on most of the arborvitae, especially along the stream.  And there is still clean up from Sandy. We have been working on clearing things away from the areas of the new barn and access road.
Thank goodness for pole saws!

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