Sunday, April 6, 2014

Garden Work

This weekend has been glorious!  And we got so much accomplished outside with the beautiful weather.  Today could not have been a more beautiful early April day.
Yesterday Alan moved things in preparation for the new barn and I got the vegetable garden ready for tilling today.  I dug up about 60 raspberry bushes, still more to go.  Friends came over today and took 20 berry bushes, that still leaves plenty to go. But the end is in sight.
Today was a perfect day to till the garden.  At first the chickens were afraid of the tiller, then they realized what the tiller left behind.
Then they kept getting in the way!
I am still in love with my soil, and so are the chickens.
So much promise in a newly tilled garden.
But there's those pesky raspberry bushes again. Please someone take some, please!

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