Thursday, July 10, 2014

Its a Turkey Tractor

Each year we raise a few turkeys for holiday dinners. Last year I tried raising my own Narragansett Turkeys from my tom and hens, but I discovered its too much work to keep the breeders over the winter. And there are many other reasons why I don't want to go back to breeding my own turkeys. So this year we got three turkey pullets from the feed store. They are now two months old and getting quite large. Time for the turkey tractor.
I have the best husband. I found this sitting in the driveway when I came home from work Monday night. He made it from two hog panels we bought from Tractor Supply. The 16 foot panels were cut in half and then one of the halves was cut in half again. Hog panels are 34inches tall which makes the turkey tractor 34 inches wide and tall by 8 feet long. For the three turkeys we will raise that should be enough room.  Right now they are sharing the space with one duck and 3 two month old chicks.

The door was even made from hog panel. The hinges are just bent from the panel itself.

I wrapped the whole pen in 2x3inch wire I had around to help keep predators out and the chicks in. We also had a three foot by 10 foot canvas tarp to give protection from sun and rain.
I can easily drag the tractor to its new location. And it only took everyone about 3 minutes to figure out there was grass to eat.

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