Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Garden-Late July

The vegetable garden is coming into its prime now. We've harvested the early Blue Adirondack potatoes, the onions are big enough to start using, we've been eating chard and kale regularly for a while now, and the first Sungold tomatoes are ripe.

The sweet potatoes took a beating from a ground hog, but Alan took care of him so they are recovering nicely.

Today I harvested some of the larger carrots, a few red onions, the volunteer potatoes and a few of the white potatoes to see how they are coming along, pickling and regular cucumbers, three zucchini, and some red beets that came out accidentally while weeding. Oh, and a few tomatoes too.

I did an early and a mid spring planting of golden beets and the mid spring planting beets are much bigger than the earlier planting. Not sure what made such a big difference.
The corn is beginning to tassel and is well over my head.
And so are the Jerusalem Artichokes.
Tons of weeding to do and cover crops to plant. And fall vegetables to get going also. I have many broccoli plants started and a half dozen cauliflower as well.

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