Sunday, October 19, 2014

Fall Garden Chores

The weather forecast is calling for a low of 32 degrees tonight; probably our first frost and freeze together. Therefore, it was a fall chore day in the garden.
There was an annoying little garden that paralleled the vegetable garden and was overrun with lily of the valley and had many small peonies that haven't bloomed for me yet. I have been wanting to move them to a better location and today was the day. Hopefully, they will like their new location and bloom. I think the lily of the valley was a bit too much for them.
They don't look like much now, and I don't even know what color flower they have, but they should like the front flower bed better.
I received my bulb order and spent some of this afternoon planting 25 asiatic lillies and 100 crocus bulbs. The crocus bulbs were for naturalizing in the front yard. It doesn't look like much now but come late March, early April there should be 100 yellow, blue and white crocuses.
The vegetable garden got some attention today as well. This bare area is now planted in cereal rye as cover crop.

The greenhouse needed a little attention too. This tape is made for repairing the greenhouse plastic. This plastic has seen 2 growing seasons and just needs a bit of mending.
Achy muscles tonight!

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