Monday, October 13, 2014

Garlic and Shallots

Yesterday morning, while Alan was cleaning the chimney and wood stove, I planted garlic and shallots. Garlic is fun to grow and I have had success over the past few years. But last year was my first year trying to grow shallots and I only got 7 small bulbs; and they were barely bigger than when I put them in the ground. After researching, I think I planted them too deep.

So we try again this year. I have planted some of my garlic, some organic Inchelium, the shallots I planted last year along with french shallots, and some elephant garlic.
From left to right: shallots, my garlic and elephant garlic, 2 rows on left-Inchelium garlic.
In the fore ground are the saffron crocus bulbs I planted a couple weeks ago. I waited too long to get those in the ground so I probably won't get any saffron until next fall.

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