Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How do I make metal kitchen cabinets from the 50's look like antiques?

This is the kitchen I need to work with while we do more important things to the new house; like moving my husband's shop into the garage and insulating it, putting in a second bathroom, building a new chimney, turning the family room into a master bedroom suite, etc.  So renovating a kitchen that is already functional is low on the priority list.  Searching on-line brings up many examples of repainting, but somehow I can not see pink cabinets in my kitchen.  All the sites are going for a retro 1950s look that just doesn't do anything for me.  Years ago I saw a kitchen with Rufus Porter type paintings on some of the cabinet doors.  While we did not use the Rufus Porter mural idea we did incorporate many other elements into our existing kitchen; particularly the ones that give the look of existing cabinets brought together for a new kitchen.
So for this kitchen I would like to have my son paint some small mural elements onto canvas that can then be attached to the upper cabinet doors to give the look of a mural.  I am considering painting the bottom cabinets a dark green or red colonial color.
Here are some ideas I am kicking around:

Rufus Porter murals

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