Friday, June 1, 2012

More on the hoop house

I wanted a greenhouse for many years but they were always out of reach of our budget.  Then I started seeing people making their own out of cattle panels.  The cost was certainly reasonable, the construction looked straightforward, and there were no zoning issues as it is a "temporary" structure.  Moving the hoop house shouldn't be too difficult.  We will take off the plastic and load it up onto the trailer and away it will go.  I just have to decide if I want to make it larger by adding another panel or two.  And I am still not sure exactly where it will end up at the new place and how much more room we will have to make it larger.
Here are some pictures of construction details (of course we forgot to take pictures as we were building it):
 This is a view of the back wall.  The framing is 2x3s.  An old storm window sits in a track and tilts in for ventilation.
 View from inside looking at the reclaimed storm door.  Pipe insulation sits on the edge of the cattle panel to protect the plastic from rubbing on the metal.
 My husband likes to weld so he welded the two cattle panels together to add rigidity to the whole structure.
 U nails hold the cattle panel ends to the cedat base frame.
 The back window from the inside. The black arc above the window is the pipe insulation protecting the plastic from the metal end of the cattle panel.
The front view from the outside.  The whole structure sits on railroad ties that used to form the border for the old swing set area.  It was fun to dig up the old concrete supports with the kids hand prints cast in them.

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