Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Just 7 more days (minus a few hours)!

Things seem to be going along well with the purchase of the new house.  Settlement is 7 days minus 3 hours away and is coming up quickly.  All the finances are in order and everyone has all the paperwork they want/need.

I still have more things to take to the charity store, probably 5 more boxes, and I always seem to find more as I am packing.  I'm also taking 8 boxes of books to the newly opened used book store in Kutztown this afternoon.  What could be better than getting store credit in a book store for later while getting rid of books we no longer want now?

As I walk around outside I keep seeing plants I want to bring to the new house.  Even though there are tons of plantings and the current owners have done an amazing job with all the gardens, some of my favorite perennials are missing.  Like the dahlia's above.  While not really a perennial, I have had them in my backyard for years. They will be easy to transport as their tubers need to be dug up every fall after the first frost.

I have had purple coneflower (echinacea) for more years than I can remember, so a clump definitely needs to get dug up and transported.
Years ago I dug up a Rose of Sharon shrub/tree from my in-laws and it has made multiple offspring.  I definitely need to bring along a white one.

I can't recall if there are any phlox at the new place.  Mine are doing very well this year.  And had a cool visitor this morning.

And of course the goats are saying "please bring some of our rocks along!"

Thought I would update on how the chicks and turkeys are growing. I'm pretty sure we have one tom turkey and one hen, but the other turkey looks like a tom some days and a hen on others.  Looks like we'll just need to wait a little longer to figure out the sex of the third turkey.

Our older chicks, born early May, are getting big.  We definitely have  a rooster among that bunch.  If he makes himself useful protecting the hens he may get to stick around.  My husband heard him crow a few days ago, but I haven't heard anything yet.
The littlest chicks I got for our broody hen are also getting bigger.  Now all the chicks, and mama hen, sleep in a big heap.  And the turkeys are starting to roost at night in a tree.  Now I just have to get some new pens set up at the new place and move their houses.

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