Tuesday, August 21, 2012

We are in (sort of)!

Settlement went off without a hitch.  The girls are all moved in, except for Max's dorm stuff, which I refuse to move twice.  She moves into the dorm on Saturday so her room at the old house should be mostly empty next weekend.  My husband spent last Saturday night here and I have spent the last 3 nights.  It's sooo quiet here!  I didn't realize how much we heard the highway at our old house, even though it is about a mile away.

Still dealing with lots of boxes and unpacking.  And we have to work out all the details in moving the animals over.  I will be happy when we can bring them to the new house.  Still so much work to do!  Can't wait for the washer as well.  But we now have phone and internet.  We didn't want to have phone but our cell reception is poor here and the only internet we could get required phone service as well, thank you Verizon.

Pictures will be coming, as soon as my computer, camera, and camera cable are in the same place!

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