Monday, September 3, 2012

So much to write about and so little time

The wild life at the new house is amazing.  This photo was taken early one morning after a light fog.  Spider webs were everywhere.  Every where you look there is life.  Between the birds, the chipmunks and squirrels, bees, butterflies, and even snakes there is always something moving, flying, singing, chirping, or buzzing. 
At first I thought these moths/butterflies had paint splotches on them, but they all couldn't have gotten into that much paint.
I am starting to get a handle on all the things growing on the property.  This plant is self-sown and planted by the previous owner everywhere.  They smell great and are pretty to look at.  We were told the plant was called "false lady's slipper" but a friend was able to find out it's called "balsam" (thanks Patty).  If any one would like seeds I probably have a bazillion!
The fall gold raspberries are coming in gradually.  The bees are eating more than we are.  The garden is about half gold raspberries.  I definitely need to make some new raspberry beds and move all the raspberries out of the vegetable garden.  Any one want any raspberry plants???
We have grapes! And they taste pretty good too.  We need to build some kind of support for them as they are using some arborvitae for supports right now.

The property is just beautiful and we are enjoying seeing it at all different times of day.  I am looking forward to fall.  We have a few trees that are just barely beginning to turn colors.
Here is our bridge over the little stream (after you pass under the huge magnolia)

And looking downstream:

And a little further downstream:
Upstream isn't as pretty; we have work to do there:

The view across the stream towards the blueberry bushes (the outhouse is hiding back there):
The apple trees, which desperately need pruning:

The cherry tree needs pruning also:
We've been able to get a little bit of work done inside.  I painted the inside of the corner cabinet, which had a paint/glaze interior.

Of course there is too much stuff inside the corner cabinet now. And I should have taken a picture with the door open.  We are getting things hung up on walls, have replaced a couple of light fixtures, and still have more stuff to take over to the new house.  But now we need to get back to work on the old place.  The septic system is getting closer, we had the perc test last week and now the system is being designed, and we've only spent $960.  Hopefully, when the system is complete so will the work on the house and we can get it on the market.

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