Sunday, September 30, 2012

The weekend at Celtic Classic

The last weekend in September will always find us at Bethlehem PA's Celtic Classic.  This 3 day festival just finished its 25th festival. My husband, in one band or another, has performed at approximately 20 of those festivals.  This year it was harder to spend the weekend away from the new house and all the work we still need to do at both places.
Blackwater sounded great.  They had some wonderful new arrangements and vocals.

In other news: OUR BED HAS ARRIVED!  (Not that I am excited about that.)  Monday night we finally slept in our real bed.  All this time we were sleeping in our camp bed; which is very comfortable for the weekend, but not the greatest for full-time.  I found a coverlet at a local thrift store that I love.  Its floral print says Williamsburg to me. My husband made the bed for me many years ago. Unfortunately, we had to cut 3 inches off the bed posts as our ceilings in the new house are much shorter than the ceilings in the old house.
Lilly insisted on staying in the picture.

 Next its back to work.  We need the washer and dryer at the new house.  I will be heading to the laundromat tomorrow morning to wash, but have 4 lines for hanging out clothing. I prefer to use the dryer as little as possible and the weather report looks good for line drying.

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