Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The goats are here! (And how to build a transport cage)

Finally, the goats have arrived at the new house.  It was a long process to get them moved, starting with building a "cage" to keep them safe while we moved them.
We started with 2 goat panels from Tractor Supply.  They are 16' long so we cut them into sections to get them into the trailer. We also bought a pig nose ring pliers and nose rings to use to attach the panels together.
We cut one of the panels into 3 five foot long sections and the other into one five foot section and 2 four foot sections.  This left rough edges that were ground down until smooth.
 The nose rings worked really well to hold the panels together.
 Someone was not impressed.
The five foot sections were then attached on the long sides to form a square, then the four foot sections became the back and the door.  We hinged the door using removable clips.
Canvas tarps were added to give some protection from the wind while going down the highway.

 We built the goat cage and then got the goats used to going into it by feeding inside it every evening.  They jumped right in when it was time to move them.
Are we there yet?

 Once we got to the new place the goats decided that the trailer was more familiar and needed coaxing to get out,
 And, of course, the first thing Brigid did was pee.

 Yummm, brush to eat!
They still seem a little bewildered, but are eating a lot of brush. 

Update 1/18/2015-We made some improvements to the goat tote and documented them here:
Goat Tote Update

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