Thursday, September 6, 2012

The chickens have arrived!

Today was the big day we moved the chickens.  The day started last night when we got all the chickens we were moving into the coop (or thought we would until we found out that the Dominiques were sleeping in the trees, in the meadow and who knows where else).  We rounded up all but 2 of the chickens we would be moving in the coop.  Just before dawn I was able to get one more chicken into the coop and get the other one into the pen.  My husband was at the rental place at 7AM to get the car trailer we needed to haul the chicken coop/trailer.  Once the coop was loaded onto the car trailer I was able to catch the last chicken and off we went.
 Thank you Ted for hauling our coop around.

 It was funny following our chickens in their coop down the interstate.
 They were eager to get out after being cooped up in their coop until noon.  But first each one had its wings clipped so hopefully they will stay in the relative safety of the pen.
 First thing each bird did was start to eat grass.  Our old house was too shady to grow any strong grass. 

Home Sweet Home for the chickens.  Now on to building a cage for transporting goats!

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