Monday, August 13, 2012

Realtors can be so cruel!

We are still on the auto send for new listings from our realtor.  So of course, a day and a half from closing, what do we get but the notification of a great house for sale!  14 acres, stone/stucco house, barn, garage.  No pictures were with the listing but I can see from the internet that it is a cute little house.   So I had to look for reasons to feel good about not being able to buy it:
1. 10 minutes farther to work for both of us, and that's with good traffic.
2. The main road to the house has HORRIBLE traffic!
3. The house is right up to the road (but that just means more land out the back).
4. Being sold "as is" so what's wrong with it?
OK, so now I feel better about the house we are buying, oh but a small stone barn!!!  Maybe I'll become a stone mason and build my own, yeah right.

Packing is ongoing.   This weekend we found 3 boxes of pewter I forgot I had packed away years ago.  It was like Christmas in August!  But I really don't have room for all that pewter.  A friend had come from out of state to help and she took 8 pewters mugs and a plate for the historical society she works for, I made up another box of pewter to sell next year at Fort Fred's Market Fair, and I organized the remaining pewter.  Anyone want to have a tea party?

I also have been looking at this photo I must have taken in Colonial Williamsburg.  I have loved this scarecrow for years and must make one in the spring. One of my first tasks on Wednesday evening is planting my fall vegetable garden.  I have lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and brussel sprouts ready to go in the ground.  But the scarecrow will have to wait for spring.

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