Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fall is here

Fall is here; and bringing with it chilly  nights, and days sometimes too.  The goats are getting frisky with the cool temperatures and the leaves are beginning to change.  Some signs of summer remain, though.  The zinnias continue to bloom like mad and the fall gold raspberries show no signs of letting up. 
I found a nice stand of bittersweet and cut a few strands to decorate around the house.
 I've always wanted a lamp post.  Now I have one and I get to decorate it as well.  And the bittersweet helped liven up the front door. (The lovely shade of green didn't photograph well.)
We are looking forward to when the trees in the hills around us begin to change colors, until then we have to be content with smaller touches of color.  Our dogwoods are really beautiful right now.
Yet another sign of fall; my husband moved the wood stove over from the old house and is hooking it up as I type.  Good thing as it is supposed to go down to 38 degrees tonight.  I can't wait to have my wood stove going!

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