Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My trip to Moscow

Moscow Pennsylvania that is.  This past weekend confirmed that all my turkeys are male. So I found some Narragnsett hens on Craigslist and went to get them today.  Don't ever try to get directions from a teenage boy.  Moscow is a lovely little town, and only a little out of the way. Turns out the road I was supposed to turn onto has no road sign, urrgghh.
The three male turkeys have been busy displaying for each other, but haven't started fighting, yet.
But they spend most of their time trying to show off to each other.

The new hens are the same age, but a little smaller and not as distinctively marked.
They make the sweetest little hen noises.  I spent the morning turning my cattle panel greenhouse into a quarantine pen for the new hens.  They will spend the next few days in there, then,....let the turkey courtship begin! 

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