Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Old Order Mennonites

Sunday night, while taking my daughter and her friend back to West Chester University, we drove by this little building and saw about 15 bicycles parked outside.
On the way home, about 9:30 PM, there were about 30 bicycles and all the lights were on inside.  Apparently it is a grocery store and welding shop.  And maybe a hang out for local Old Order Mennonites on Sunday evening?
I had to check it out today.  It is the cutest little discount grocery store.  They have a couple of froaen food displays and then you are "welcome to the cooler."
You can buy a 5 gallon bucket of ice cream, local eggs, local goat cheese, and they had a big wooden crate of local apples.  Other things looked like seconds or out of date things, like the mayo dated June 2012.  There's a big sign over the door that says "If you don't like the way the food takes bring it back and we will kindly refund your money."  The girls working there were all Old Order Mennonites and so was the older woman who was checking out ahead of me.She and the clerk had a lively conversation in Pennsylvania German.  Then she walked out the side door and went into the house next door. Even with the rain, it's still Monday, time to do the wash.
I bought some chevre spread with smoked habenaro, dried apricots, tin foil and pickle and pimento loaf.  And two pounds of nice looking Jonagold apples.  I think I'll be stopping in occasionally.

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