Thursday, February 28, 2013

20 days until Spring

While the calendar may say there are 20 days until Spring arrives, there are many signs of Spring already around here.  Of course there was that sill hen who thought it would be a good idea to hatch some chicks in the brutal cold of February.  Sadly they did not make it.

But today is the first time I saw the turkeys mating (sorry no pics on that).  I am hoping for lots of Narragansett poults to sell and raise for meat. Now I need to research turkey nest boxes.

Saw these pretty little snowdrops in one of the beds in the front yard:

And the tree peony is budding like crazy, can't wait to see this in full bloom:

The rhubarb I brought from the old house has survived and is starting to come up:
Lots of other bulbs are starting to peak out of the ground.  It's going to be great watching what comes up where.  From the diagrams the previous owners left it looks like there are lots of bulbs around.
So many things to do outside now!

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