Tuesday, February 12, 2013


The onion seeds are up!  And in only 3 days.  I have never grown onions from seeds before but I loved all the different varieties you could get in seed, and the price was so much better than buying sets.  And everything I read said the onions grown from seeds did better than sets.  Since I have never been thrilled with my onion production I decided to give seeds a try.
I have never grown this many onions before either.  But since we went gluten-free onions have been one food that I have totally changed my mind about.  I used to use onions in cooking because they added a bit of flavor, but I didn't like raw onions much.  Now I love the taste of raw onion and literally crave raw onion sometimes.  A plain salad with leaf lettuce and raw red onion slices with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar and olive oil is wonderful now.
Then the seed catalogs came with all their tantalizing descriptions of different onions and I was hooked. Who couldn't resist this Mini Red Purplette onion from  Johnny's Seeds?
 Purplette (OG)

I can't wait to have those in a salad.
Now the only seeds that haven't sprouted yet are my early tomatoes and the lavender.  Then next month seed sowing begins in earnest with the other tomato varieties and peppers. Can't wait!

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