Friday, February 8, 2013

Seed starting in the snow!

What better thing to do on the day of the "big" snow storm? I planted hollyhock seeds (2 varieties-Indian Springs and Antwerp), 4 varieties of onion seeds (Ailsa Craig, Patterson, Mini Red Purplette, and Ruby Ring), Siberian tomatoes, and some Lavender seeds. Nothing cures the winter blahs like digging in some soil.
The picture above is the nicest seed starting set up I have had in a while.  Even though I will still rely on the artificial lights, I think the seedlings will appreciate the natural sunlight as well.  All of my seeds are now resting on their heating mat, staying a nice and toasty 70 degrees.
The Siberian tomatoes are an early Russian variety that I have grown before.  We were able to have ripe tomatoes about one month earlier that my other tomatoes.  I planted the seeds inside in February and in March I planted the plants outside under my minihoop house.  They really took off in there and it was nice to be eating our own tomatoes in July.  Usually our first tomatoes are ready the first week in August.  It will be interesting to see if the timing of things is different in our little valley. 
And who knows if we will actually get much snow.  They are saying 3-6 inches, but we'll see.

Update 2/10/13:
Pregerminating the hollyhock seeds really paid off.  They are up in just 2 days!

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