Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Blooms and Birds

The blooms and the birds have gone crazy around here.  It's hard to get very good pictures of the birds, but here is a decent one of the Rose-Breasted Grosbeak that comes to visit regularly.  His mate also comes fairly often, but she is much harder to get a picture of.
We saw our first hummingbird on Saturday so the hummingbird feeder went up yesterday.  We have been visited multiple times by one or more Ruby Throated Hummingbirds.  We have three different kinds of woodpeckers, mourning doves, finches, sparrows, nut hatches, blue jays and a very pretty bird today that could possibly be a Baltimore Oriole.  We'll have to get a better look if it comes back. The cats are happy with all the great programming on kitty TV.

But the flowers and shrubs are the real story.  Everything is blooming like mad.  The rhododendron have just started, but the azaleas are amazing.

The tree peony is at its peak.
I almost forgot the wisteria!

The lilacs (I have white lilacs! Who knew!) are just about past their peak.

Pink Lily of the Valley?!? I don't think I ever saw pink.

Even the blueberries are blooming like crazy. If half of the blossoms become berries we will be set for the entire winter.

And the wildflowers are getting in the act too.  The buttercups have beautiful swaths through the fields.

And there are more flowers in bud getting ready for their big day.  Can't wait!

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