Thursday, May 16, 2013

Friday Favorite- Lockset

With all the work happening at the old house I have to keep reminding myself that soon we'll be able to start on the new house.  The scale of the old house did not lend itself to the changes I really wanted to make to my living space.  Tall, narrow schoolhouse windows just can not be made to look 17th or 18th century no matter how hard you try.  The new house's bones are much more suited to the look I want to achieve.
While shopping at the Fort Frederick 18th Century Market Fair last month we bought this lock:

This is the outside knob.  Just a simple wrought iron knob.  The amazing part is the inside:
I am not sure where we will use this latch, but wherever it ends up I will be happy just looking at it.  It was made by a blacksmith at or near Prickett's Fort in West Virginia.  The mechanism is very cool.  Every time I walk by this lock I am reminded of all the interesting things we have planned for the new house. 

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