Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fall clean-up

I have always loved fall.  But I don't love raking leaves.  One of my favorite tools around the yard this time of year is our trac-vac.  We bought it last year to help with the leaf clean up when we bought the new house. And it sure was useful.  I don't know if I could live here without it.
We cleaned up the entire yard in about 2 hours last weekend.  With rakes alone it would have taken all weekend, or at least all day.
The other great thing about the trac-vac is the processing it does.  It doesn't just suck up the leaves; it chops them up while cutting the grass and mixing in the grass clippings.  It makes the perfect combo of green to brown aka nitrogen to carbon needed for good compost.
We put the clippings in the garden last year and the chickens turned them into great compost and we are putting the girls to work again this year.

The chickens love to scratch around in the clipping/shredded leaves and their constant movement of the leaves helps to break them down nicely.  Get going girls!

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