Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The old apple trees

Despite their lack of care this year, our two apples trees gave us close to a bushel of apples.  I pruned them drastically last March, but they need even more pruning.
Both trees have fallen way over and are being supported by their branches on the ground. These branches on the ground made it very difficult to keep the grass cut underneath the trees. And are probably a nice highway up the tree for insects as well.
The first tree, closest to the house, fell over in Sandy.  I am thinking of cutting and propping up as below in yellow.
The other tree, which started leaning many years before we moved here, has an even steeper lean. But the end result, I am hoping, could be the same.
This tree outperformed the other tree by at least 2:1 this year.  And we were happy with the taste of the apples so I think it is worth the effort to try to rejuvenate them. 

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