Sunday, February 23, 2014

Good Bye Oil Burner

Finally, last night we ran out of oil.  The gauge has been below empty all season.  We have begun calling our fuel oil "Hanukkah oil." Alan has been anxious to get rid of the pipes in his way; so this morning he got to work.

With the pipes out of the way, I can now get an outside freezeless faucet! We currently have one faucet in the garage and another in the basement.  Neither of which were useable in the winter.  No more filling up water jugs in the bath tub.

Down in the basement, behind the oil burner, Alan found a date stone as the base of the chimney.
 The date of 1912 predates the chimney by about 20 years.  We know the cabin that the chimney goes up through was moved to this location in the early 1930s.  So where did it come from? Oh those frugal Pennsylvania Germans.

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