Friday, February 7, 2014


Tuesday night into Wednesday morning we were lucky enough to add a 2-3 inches of snow then 1/4 inch of ice to our snow fall totals.  We lost power on Monday with the first snowfall, 7-8 inches, of this week; and again on Wednesday.  Thankfully, both power outages only lasted a few hours.

Poor birds were not able to get to their feeder.
The ice melted enough yesterday and then froze last night to make a stiff crust on the snow.  You either slide around on top or sink down into a hole in the ice. And the only way to get around without sliding is with ice crampons.

The ice on the trees has melted from the sun on the hillside facing south, but the trees on the north facing slope are still covered.
The fences have created some very interesting ice structures.
But, spring is coming! This month its time to start the onion seeds and the sweet potato sets.

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