Monday, June 23, 2014

Sheep and Turkey

The sheep have settled in nicely. Saturday we took out the fencing between the sheep and goats and the turkey was not happy. And, to a lesser extent, neither were the goats.
The turkey kept trying to attack the ram lamb and was getting rammed in the chest. The stupid turkey kept going for the ram despite the treatment.
Sunday, Alan was working on the fencing when he heard a lot of loud noises in the calf hutch. The sheep were resting and chewing their cud and the turkey kept trying to go inside. The sheep were not happy and were trying to kick the turkey out of their space.
While the sheep were eating the turkey kept trying to get to their food. Mama was not having any of it and was going after the turkey. I hope she figures out how to coexist with the sheep for the time being. We are trying to find her another home or get her butchered.
This morning the turkey was going after Mama Sheep again, pecking at her head as Mama was butting her. 

The goats are doing better than the turkey when it comes to accepting the sheep, but they are definitely a little aloof. We enlarged their pen by about 70% and they still have not spent much time in all the new brush. When we have put them in a new brushy area we usually don't see them for days. Goats love their browse but not right now apparently!

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  1. We live 3/4 mile away from a farm that keeps all animals in one large field. It is quite the menagerie!