Friday, June 13, 2014

Trimming Bushes and Playing in the Stream

We've been working on a few little projects lately while waiting for the big work of painting the barn once it is done.
Planted against the back wall of the house is an overgrown Rhododendron and a shaggy Arborvitae.
The Rhododendron must have been at least 7 feet tall and the arborvitae used to be a nice specimen but was ravaged by the last two winters. Both shrubs are growing smack up against the siding and need to be moved eventually. The Arborvitae will never come back to its glory so it was just cut up. And I did some serious pruning to the Rhododendron.
I can almost feel the siding take a big sigh of relief. There's even a basement window well buried under there.
We had a lovely week with lots of rain and everything is growing like crazy, including our ducklings, who are quite camera shy.
Alan had fun playing in the stream making a little pool for the ducks. We are hoping they will hang out mostly by the stream once they are older. There is also lots of cover along the stream bed for them to hide in.

We'll also move their little house down next to the stream once the chicks and turkey poults move out.

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