Sunday, May 17, 2015

Moving the Ram Lambs to New Pasture

We spent a part of the past few days getting things ready and then moving the ram lambs.  We moved the calf hutch to the pasture on the other side of the stream. Good thing we have the crane attachment for the tractor.
Then we strung up temporary fencing.
Yesterday afternoon Maddy and I were able to coax everyone mostly everyone over the bridge and into their new pasture. Ram 004 made it on to the bridge then decided he would rather stay in the old barn. Alan ended up picking him up and carrying him to the new pasture.
Once everyone was in the new pasture they took to eating right away. After a while they went into the calf hutch and saw they had feed and water and hay in there. Of course, we had our first rain in over 3 weeks that evening and they stood outside and got completely soaked. Good thing, though, as they are very dirty.

They seem to have bonded into their own little flock and all the head butting and posturing has stopped. And everyone tested the fence, some a few times, and we had no escapees over night. So far it has been a successful move!

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