Monday, May 11, 2015


Lots of little things going on here.
Alan has been working on the bridge. All that is left is the decking and a board along the top/railing.
The goats have been working on clearing brush.
They get quite acrobatic to get the tasty bits.
Mama Sadie is working on shedding, and looking quite shaggy.
The lilacs are working on perfuming the air with their amazing scent.
This long stand of lilacs is on the bank behind the house. With the patio doors open the smell of lilacs comes right into the house. It's heavenly.

And Stumpy is working on getting to used to her crate. She has been eating in it for a few days and has even gone all the way in. 
The hard part is figuring out the best time to catch her and her kittens. She moved them a few days ago and I know the general vicinity but I think I'll let her raise them up a little more. But we can't wait to see them!

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