Thursday, May 7, 2015

Ready for the Chicks

I spent part of today getting everything ready for the new chicks. We should be able to pick them up on Saturday.  All the equipment was scrubbed and sanitized by the sun. The heat lamp was hung and just needs an extension cord from the house.
The heat lamp is from Premier 1 and is so much sturdier and safer than those cheap metal ones. The picture doesn't show it but the cord coming from the base has a metal coil for about three feet to keep critters from chewing on it. It worked great in the barn during lambing.

And yes that is a toilet seat. The best space to have the chick brooder, other than under a broody hen, is the outhouse. It usually just gets filled up with all kinds of gardening paraphernalia so brooding the chicks is a good reason to clean it out.

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