Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Today was the start of liming the pastures. But first I had to purchase a spreader. It was tough to find a push spreader that would work on our hills and would last. Our local mower/snowblower dealer had a nifty little contractor model that hopefully will fit the bill. And Tractor Supply has pelletized lime on sale.
Six 40 pound bags down, only 19 more to go (of the first 1000 pounds.) I am tired just thinking about it.
I figure I have about two acres of pasture to spread with lime, at a ton and a half per acre that's 6000 pounds. Everything I've read says you should spread out that much lime application over two years. So I just have to spread 3000 pounds this fall, well now it's only 2760 pounds.

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  1. That's a lot of lime but it takes a lot sometimes. We have to put down something like that as well. I gave up on the spreader so now I just hand broadcast the lime and minerals. It's not as even as a spreader, but I figure it'll have to do. :)