Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Last One

Yesterday I caught the last of the kittens and took him to get neutered. It only took two weeks to catch all the outside cats and get them neutered. No one entered the trap who had already been neutered. I spent a total of  $120. There was a $25 deposit for the two traps (which I gave back as a donation), $20 for each cat and an extra $15 for the mama cat's distemper shot (which was included in the price for the kittens.) We had one female kitten and two male kittens.
No not me!

The mama cat has not wanted anything to do with her kittens since she came back from her surgery. She hisses at them and chases them away. She has also become more vocal and likes to hang out with us when we are outside. All-in-all that was a very well spent $125!


  1. Actually, that's a pretty reasonable price to get them all done! Money well spent. Interesting about the mama. I hope they all tame down (or up?) soon.

  2. I am hoping she calms down soon and isn't so territorial, especially about food.She is actually nicer to us than she ever was before but needs to chill about her kittens.