Monday, August 31, 2015

Lots of Progress!

Alan had a very busy weekend getting the water line into the house.  Our well is in a concrete "bunker" next to the house and the water line goes out of the bunker and into the house.
Alan wanted to have the water line to the barn attach in the basement so he could have more control over it, but that meant getting through the bunker. A hammer drill on the outside down in a ditch wasn't working so that meant he had to go down into the bunker and drill from the inside.
But that tank from the old jet pump system was in the way. And the hole in the lid of the bunker wasn't big enough to get the tank out. So Alan took out a corner of the lid. Why they just didn't make a bigger hole when they poured the lid is beyond me. It was so small a normal sized man had trouble getting through it.
Once the tank was out of the way Alan had lots of room to cut the hole for the water line. Getting into the house was the easy part. The current line from the well had plenty of room for another line to
slide right in next to it.

Today the contractors were here with a crew. The mason put the scratch coat on the block. The drain tile was laid and then the area was backfilled.

The area around the garage and driveway was graded to make it possible to mow and the parking area was enlarged.
Tomorrow we get more stone spread in the parking area and up by the barn where it was all torn up getting the water line dug. And the mason should be back to put the finish coat on the parging. Alan hopes to move back in to the third bay of the garage this weekend which will give me more room in the barn, yay!

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